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Re: Multiarch support (was Moving 32-bit libraries to (/usr)/lib32 on amd64)

> After a discussion on IRC, it seems there is no consensus about how 
> multiarch should be done. Therefore I stop working on that (patches are 
> still welcome for glibc).

Is this really the best thing to do?

Even though there is no consensus (I overread the thread and anyway
most parts of it fly in the stratosphere from my point of view), I'm
not sure that abandoning the work is really the answer in this

OK, more talk is needed, maybe use a good BOFH at Debconf is worth it
because controversial issues are better being talked in live
discussions, but I think that the probably good work you did here
should not be left as is.

I'm maybe over-explaining but it seems that you're a little upset here
(correct me if I'm wrong...but IRC excerpts I've seen on #d-d-fr make
me think it)....and you're maybe overreacting (no offence intended:
you know me and you know how I respect your work).

In short, please keep up the good work, the discussions and the
like. Debian needs such melting pot of ideas. This will not be the
last time that people won't agree with your ideas or proposals

/end of bubulle philosophical thoughts.....

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