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Bug#347173: glibc: Romanian days are written with mixed case letters/Romanian alplhabet reordered

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 09:42:49AM +0200, Eddy =?UTF-8?Q?Petri=C5=9For ?= wrote:
> > Eveything looks fine, I will commit your patch against the locales package.
> > The RON currency code has already been added and will be recognized by
> Note for myself: Then I guess the change was done by adding RON, not
> by replacing ROL (as I did initially)

No, upstream will replace ROL by RON.  In the Debian locales package,
this is performed by 2 steps, as explained in my previous mail, so that
locales can be compiled with current and new localedef in unstable.
Thus RON will be added, and ROL removed at the next upload.

> > You may also define
> >   lang_term "<U0072><U006F><U006E>"
> >   lang_lib  "<U0072><U0075><U006D>"
> lang_term "ron" ?
> lang_lib "rud" ?
> Are you sure?
> What are the meanings of these items?

These are ISO 639-2 codes, see
They are provided in locale/iso-639.def, this is why you could
add them.

> Note: the attached patch is monolitic and replaces the ROL definition
> with a RON definition (I didn't knew/realised that there should be an
> addition, not a replace) so you will have to split this again.

No, as explained above, please keep your patch as it is now, it
looks good.  BTW your test files do not help much, IMO you can
send your patch upstream as is without those test files.


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