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Bug#343140: libc6: resolver always checks search list in /etc/resolv.conf

At Thu, 15 Dec 2005 17:13:25 -0800,
Edward Buck wrote:
> I guess the problem then is in the ipv6 support and how it implements
> domains in the search path.  Instead of doing ipv6, then ipv4 for
> mx1.hotmail.com, it runs through all possible ipv6 queries, including
> exhausting all domains in the search path, before ipv4 queries are
> attempted.  That seems (is) really inefficient.  As a result of ipv6
> supports, DNS queries have tripled on systems with two domains in their
> search path.
> Okay, perhaps this isn't a bug.  It's just ipv6 hell.

Okay, I close it.  If you think there's bugs in libc, please tell me
about it.

-- gotom

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