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Hey Susan,

Remember I told you about that e-mail I got the other day saying I could get my B/A, B/S/C, M/A, M/S/C, M/B/A, P/H/D, in 2 weeks without any study required and 100% verifiable ?

Well bro I gave it a shot and now 2 weeks later I have my BA and 
working on getting my Masters which I will have finished up in the next 
week and half!

I didn't believe this either man, I was a bit skeptical when i  first heard about this program, but the counselor made it clear it was ,.100% legit 
and the  op,portunity exists due to a legal loophole allowing some established colleges to award degre.es at their dis.cretion.

bro life cant get any better for me right now... I have jobs that wouldn't of 
gave me a chance before calling me off the hook wanting me to come work for 
them, also the money i'm capable of making now is amazing!

Listen Susan,I've known you for over 10years man, 
I know you have been struggling with bills, and working 2 jobs I  just want to let you know man,things can be alot easier for you call this # n,ow 1-206- 338-5780.

Well, Listen to an old friend for  once , and do this one thing not just for me and my satisfac,tion of  seeing you succeed , but just think how much happier you & your family 
will be when you are making the money you deserve at a job you actually like!

Take advantage of this opportunity right now man , the counselor told me the 
other day they aren't accepting many more students for this offer so hurry and 
call this # 1- 2,0,6,-338-5780  it will be the best thing you 
ever did, trust me! Just leave a brief message with the de.gree you're 
interested and they will call back A.S,A,P.

Well bud, opport,unity only knocks once... and I opened the door. I'm 
on my way to being the successful man that I always knew I would be, just didn't think it would be this fast and easy!

let me know how it goes 
your friend, Hart

Haven't the journalists liked surfing?.
Donna's daughter hasn't practiced playing yet..
Have you liked skiing yet?.
Is the manager missing walking?.
Do those gardners regret walking carefully?.
EDWARDS: ... more negative attacks -- aren't you sick of it?.
cheese burger and cheese fries .... mmmmm.
I didn't hate dancing last night at eleven..
Were those science teachers missing walking a few days ago?.
Did Roy love working on the top of the mountain?.
That carpenter is practicing running at this time..
That carpenter is practicing running at this time..
Doesn't Ms. Brown hate playing at the company?.
Does Joe hate laughing over there?.
She has disliked cooking for a day or two..
I didn't dislike cooking at home..
The musicians have missed playing since a few days ago..
Every child communicates in some form whether it be by crying, body language, facial expressions or verbalization. Some children talk early, some late, some with augmentative communication devices, some not at all. As a teacher I wanted to facilitate the child learning language..
I didn't dislike cooking at home..
I could go on and on, but I won't. We have many programs the children love. But I would give them ALL up to keep my BORING noun program. I thank THE PARENT daily for her insight..
Some store clerks like working in London..
Mr. Hanson isn't practicing working..
Mark at 27 months looked ?normal?. He came from a good family who provided lots of stimulation. Mark had one word--'ba' as in 'Ball.' Everything was 'ba.' After a few days of orientation in the classroom, I presented the computer. The first day he sat at the computer for 20 minutes and pressed the ball, bus, bee on the IntelliKeys keyboard over and over again. He then looked at me and pointed to the ball and said ?Ba? Then he pointed to the bee and said 'Be' and the Bus and said 'Bu.' I was astonished and his mother started to cry..
 You know, for the last few months, John's been traveling around the country talking about his positive, optimistic vision for America, talking about his plan to move this country in the right direction..
The pilots were enjoying jogging at the company..
The pilots were enjoying jogging at the company..
EDWARDS: ... more negative attacks -- aren't you sick of it?.
Have you missed reading recently?.
Those news announcers aren't practicing shaving next to the police station right at this time..

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