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Bug#335343: nscd: Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script

Package:  nscd1
Version:  2.3.2.ds1-22
Severity: wishlist

To be able to check boot script order, and also to be able to start
boot scripts in parallel, it is important to know the dependencies of
the various boot scripts.  The Linux Software Base specifies a init.d
header file format useful for this purpose, and adding such header to
the init.d scripts would make it possible for me to use this
information to check the current sequence and speed up the debian

documents the LSB header format.  Some debian notes are available from

Here is a proposed dependency header to document the dependencies of
nscd.  It is slightly tested using the insserv package and the new
parallell booting support in sysvinit.

# Provides:          nscd
# Required-Start:    $syslog
# Required-Stop:     $syslog
# Should-Start:      $network slapd $named
# Should-Stop:       $network slapd $named
# Default-Start:     2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop:      S 0 1 6

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