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Bug#327784: libc6: ldconfig workaround

As a workaround to this problem, I've found using an older working version
of ldconfig with the newest libc6 debian packages will allow make apt
to work.

1 ) First, backup the broken ldconfig and make a soft link to it (even
though it doesn't deserve a backup).

 $ cd /sbin
 $ mv ldconfig ldconfig-2.3.5-6
 $ ln -s ldconfig-2.3.5-6 ldconfig

2 ) Re-install an older version of libc6.  I was able to install it from
an old package located on my computer's deb cache:

 $ dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6*_2.3.2.ds1-22*.deb

3 ) Make sure the old ldconfig still works and exits silently:

 $ ldconfig

4 ) Backup this working version of ldconfig, but keep the soft-link
pointing to it.

 $ cd /sbin
 $ mv ldconfig ldconfig-2.3.2-ds1-22
 $ ln -s ldconfig-2.3.2-ds1-22 ldconfig

5 ) With libc6 downgraded, this has surely pissed off apt-get.
Run apt-get to fix broken dependencies with libc6.

 $ apt-get -f install

6 ) Remove this newly installed broken ldconfig and soft link to the older
working version:

 $ cd /sbin
 $ rm -f ldconfig
 $ ln -s ldconfig-2.3.2-ds1-22 ldconfig

7 ) Finish your upgrade or install

 $ apt-get install
 $ apt-get upgrade

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