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Extract timezones into separate package?

While pondering the feedback on locales-all (which I hope to get back to
soon), I've played a bit with creating a timezones-all package.

Rationale: On many small systems, such as routers and stuff, with little
disk space, there is no need for any time zone except UTC. The time zone
database is about 550 kilobytes, which is fairly significant on a
machine with low disk space. Moving that to a timezones-all package,
creating an empty timezones-utc package, and having libc6 depend on
"timezones-all | timezones-utc" would seem to me to be only a little
work and complexity in exchange for a fair bit of flexibility. 

Gotom, and other glibc Debian package maintainers, what do you think?
Would this be a good thing to do (in which case I'd be happy to provide
a patch)?

(There may be other parts of glibc that are not needed in embedded-like
environments. I don't know how far we want to go to make it easy to
minimize a libc installation on Debian. Comments on that would also be

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