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Bug#310047: libc6-amd64 upgrade conflicts with unrelated libc6-x86

On Friday 14 October 2005 04:47, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> > When upgrading libc6 it checks for other installations of libc on the
> > same system. Unfortunately it does not distinguish between the amd64
> > and x86 versions and stops the installation although no real conflict
> > would have resulted since the conflicting version is x86 and not amd64.
> If you still think this is a bug, could you give us a little more
> detail?  It only complains about copies installed in the wrong
> location; yes, it will whine if you have an i386 system and amd64
> libraries installed in /usr/local/lib64.  But that's probably a good
> thing to whine about, since they ought to be in /lib64.
> I've verified that it won't complain about properly installed 64-bit
> libraries on i386.

The main System is pure-amd64, i386 is installed in a chroot 
in /sys32. /etc/ld.so.conf lists both sets of lib directories in order to 
be able to actually execute the programs from /sys32.

When trying to install a new libc apt complains that there is an additional 
version in /sys32/lib/libc6.so. I have to manually remove the 32bit 
directories from /etc/ld.so.conf before I can proceed.

Sorry I can't provoke the error right now, since I already have the newest 
libc installed. (is there a flag to override this check?)


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