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Bug#333766: libc6: SIGBUS in libm on hppa breaks qt-x11-free

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 08:40:20AM +0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> >I don't think that's what is happening at all: I think that in one of
> >these cases, your test file's on-stack fenv_t is aligned, and on the
> >other it isn't.  The code you posted for gcc 4.0 looks fine.  I think
> >the assembly is broken or the definition of fenv_t.
> drow is right, as usual. our fenv_t needs to be defined with 
> __attribute__((aligned(8))) or similar.

I'd recommend "fixing" the asm instead: that's an ABI change and would
require heinous rebuilds.

Daniel Jacobowitz
CodeSourcery, LLC

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