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Upcoming uploads

I'm about to upload a new linux-kernel-headers; as you can see from the
svn traffic, it will include 64-bit headers on i386, as well as a bunch
of other architecture and biarch fixes.

I took some pains to avoid a conflict with amd64-libs-dev; because of
the use of diversions, it's going to be a bit messy to get rid of.  So,
for one release, our 32-bit headers are going to live in
/usr/include/asm-i486 instead of the more traditional
/usr/include/asm-i386.  No easy way around that.

After this, I'm planning to upload a version of glibc which builds
biarch libraries from source on i386.  I'm going to try to look at the
MIPS syscall.h bug too.  I'm not sure what else, but I'll make a pass
over the bug list; we need to get moving again, so my main goal here is
to pick up a little momentum.

Let me know if you have any fixes you want included in the next upload,

Daniel Jacobowitz
CodeSourcery, LLC

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