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Bug#331405: Accidential activation of nscd is too simple

(Hoping I'm doing things right, first time for me...)

Gabor Gombas @ 2005-10-05 (Wednesday), 16:08 (+0200)

Also, the default negative-ttl for the hosts map is just 20 seconds
which I think _is_ a quite reasonable default.

If twenty seconds were the case, I wouldn't have complained. I had the
laptop on, without any suspend mode or such, for a full nights sleep of
at least eight hours before hunting down and removing the package.

Even if I might have guessed the wrong cause, I still had a problem with
nscd in it's default configuration.

Same situation here. I digged the problem today to nscd, some examples :

- `ping` was unable to resolve news.free.fr (ok via nslookup) -> negative TTL problem
- unable to update the ip of bashfr.org. For a few weeks now, it was still connecting to the old server -> positive TTL problem

I'm using stock config (checked, with 3600/20 ttl), installed via a dependency to libnss-ldap. I'm using testing/amd64. I had to compare strace output between 2 installations to find this problem, so it's quite annoying :). I "resolved" this by setting "persistent" to false (which should not be the direct cause...)


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