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Re: locales-all: a proposal

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 07:00:59PM +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Also attached is the preliminary patch for locales-all. I started by
> enhancing locale-gen further, adding features to it to make it possible
> to override the location for /etc/locale.gen, and directing output to
> somewhere else than /usr/lib/locale, and also for reading data files
> from a custom location. This was necessary so that I could easily build
> the locale-archive file for the locales-all package. Which I then did.

Hi Lars,

first of all, the -l flag is not needed, you could use the I18NPATH
environment variable instead.  And all other customizations are
hasardous, e.g. locales.config and locales.postinst are broken if
configuration file is not /etc/locale.gen.  So if you need special
flags to build this package, it is IMO better to have an internal
script which is not shipped in binary packages.

> This locales-all package replaces the locales package. It might be
> better to have locales-all just depend on locales (identical version, of
> course), so as not to duplicate the data files into two .debs.

If the locales-all package only provide a large archive for all defined
locales, it does not need to depend upon anything.  But I do not get
the whole picture: will this large archive been overwritten when
running locale-gen?  It becomes then pretty useless IMO.
There are several solutions:
  * Keep this archive into another directory, and tell glibc to look
    into directory.
  * Let locales-all conflict/replace locales, but then users cannot
    easily compile their own locales if their admin installs locales-all.
  * Modify locale-gen to do nothing if locales-all is installed.
The last one is IMO better.


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