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Bug#317082: Not just a dpkg bug

On 05-Aug-17 12:52, Steve Langasek wrote:
> No, that doesn't solve the problem.  How are you supposed to invoke a
> 64-bit linker for a bi-arch build being done on a 32-bit buildd?

I guess you will generally have many more issues than this one when you 
try to build 64-bit packages on a 32-bit buildd (e.g. compiling and 
running 64-bit programs from configure scripts, running 'make check' or 
'make test' targets, using binaries which have been built by the package 
itself etc.)

In the end it will be much easier to require a 64-bit machine to be
used to build 32/64-bit biarch packages instead of trying to circumvent 
all these issues.

Andreas Jochens

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