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Bug#190399: Ornfiefg Fniinnacg at low rteas


Get quick ra_ate qu0tes from le.nders. Refi.inance and S.a.v.e - No Obl.ig.ation! 

I am back to work today and compared to yesterday 100 percent better. I came in yesterday feeling a little sick to my stomach but just put it off to sour stomach thinking nothing about it, I mean I have worked with worse. As the day progressed I noticed my head was hurting more and more, then the lights were getting brighter, at one point I must have looked like the hunchback of Notre dame. I had several of my counter parts coming over concerned about how I was feeling. Several of the folks I have worked with have learned the look on my face and knew what was happening. Now don't get me wrong I have worked through many a migraine and was going to work through this one. This migraine had a different idea though, this was going to be one of those that sideline me. I felt it welling up in my stomach and ran to the bathroom to worship the ole porcelain crown. I came back after a few minutes and a quick mouthwash back to the desk. My compadre ask what happened so I told her and I was promptly ordered home. After checking out with the bosses and making sure there would be no trouble for her to stay on my shift I left. I took much longer to get home then normal due to the fact that I stopped a few times to holler for Ralph! I walked into the house and straight to the bedroom where it was Dark and aid down when my stomach had settled down some I took my meds and was out for a little while. Now if you are one of the lucky ones that do not suffer from migraines the only thing I can think of to let you know the pain that one can feel from it is to take your little toe and close it in a vice till it is the equivalent of mashed taters. Folks having migraines at time lose all track of what they are doing, they have been known to put their heads through walls and more trying to get rid of the pain. While the best known cure on the market is a product called Imatrex, I am one of the few that are allergic to it. I have to use other measures and if I do not want to take narcotics like then I must suffer through it. One of the bad thinks is you get sensitive to light then any movement makes you nauseous, any noise sounds are magnified ten fold. All you want to do is get in a dark corner away from the world and hide. Now the next day when you wake up especially when you have had a rough one like last night you fell almost hung over, really groggy. I woke thought and felt much better (then I did yesterday) and yes hung over I came to work and had a fairly normal day here at the ole station. 3

Speak to you soon

Leona Robbins

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