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Re: Re: pthread weirdness

>> We're planning to upload glibc 2.3.5 to unstable - and currently glibc
>> 2.3.5 is already available on debian experimental distribution.  Could
>> you test it with your application?  If you don't want to do so, please
>> wait a bit for 2.3.5 upload.

> Don't have a suitable machine here for testing.  If you want a Tcl
> script that will most likely cause the problem if it's present, I can
> get you that, but most likely I won't be able to run it myself for the
> near future - for the moment I need to track 'stable' on my own
> machines...

Spent several weeks tracking a weird problem that I was blaming on (amongst 
other things) tcl/tk where a GUI application would lock up totally at random 
intervals. A similar Gtk GUI also suffered, but to a lesser degree..

After running strace and googling for "futex tcl bugs", I ended up here. 
Following the suggestion to upgrade to libc6-2.3.5, I can confirm that the 
problem appears to have disappeared.

My thanks to Don Porter and David Welton for providing the answers..

Regards, Paul Corner

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