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Bug#322953: glibc: FTBFS (powerpc): ppc64 build pass fails because of missing Build-Depends on 'libc6-dev-ppc64 [powerpc]' and 'lib64gcc1 [powerpc]'

Package: glibc
Version: 2.3.5-3
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

When building 'glibc' on in a clean chroot on powerpc/unstable,
I get the following error:

touch /glibc-2.3.5/stamp-dir/install_libc
Installing ppc64
rm -rf /glibc-2.3.5/debian/tmp-ppc64
/usr/bin/make -C build-tree/powerpc-ppc64 -j 1 \
  install_root=/glibc-2.3.5/debian/tmp-ppc64 install
make[1]: Entering directory `/glibc-2.3.5/build-tree/powerpc-ppc64'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/glibc-2.3.5/build-tree/powerpc-ppc64'
make: *** [/glibc-2.3.5/stamp-dir/install_ppc64] Error 2

A look in 'build-tree/powerpc-ppc64/config.log' shows the following
'configure' script failure:

configure:27: checking for forced unwind support
configure:51: gcc-3.4 -m64 -o conftest -g -O2 -isystem /glibc-2.3.5/debian/include  conftest.c  >&5
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc_s_64
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

This can be fixed by adding a Build-Depends on 'libc6-dev-ppc64 [powerpc]'
and 'lib64gcc1 [powerpc]' to debian/control. Perhaps 'libc6-dev-ppc64'
should "Depend" on 'lib64gcc1' because it will not really be usable without

May be this kind of self dependency can be avoided somehow, but I could
not find a different solution for this yet.

Andreas Jochens

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