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Bug#322506: libc6-udeb has an unnecessary dependency on libnss-files-udeb

At Wed, 10 Aug 2005 23:51:18 -0400,
Joey Hess wrote:
> libc6-udeb depends on libnss-files-udeb, which is unnecessary since most
> d-i images don't need that udeb at all, and the udebs that do need it
> seems to depend on it (openssh-client-udeb, openssh-server-udeb).

I changed now.  BTW, is it ok to leave dependency "Depends:

> d-i has ignored unfilled dependencies when building images, but we plan
> to change that, which would pull this into all our initrds. So please
> remove that dependency.

Yes, that's nice plan.

-- gotom

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