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Bug#322768: libc6: sshd after upgrade not working

At Fri, 12 Aug 2005 20:50:25 +0200,
Adrian Bunk wrote:
> After upgrading from the sarge libc6, sshd on my computer no longer
> accepted connections.
> Restarting sshd fixed the problem.
> It seems the "restart services" question in the postinst should be
> asked for upgrades from < 2.3.5 .
> I've set the severity of this bug based on the problems a non-working
> sshd can cause for non-local users (and the fix for this issue is
> trivial).

Do you have your sshd error log?  If so, could you send us to prove
definitely?  I intend to enable "restarting sevice" question again in

-- gotom

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