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Bug#195360: 2-year-old unreproducible bug, can this be closed?

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
That's not relevant.  Has anyone reproduced this bug since then?  If
not, Nathanael's right; it should be closed.  The code has changed many
times since then.

I've experienced it multiple times since then.  Others do too:

http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-hurd/2005-04/msg00074.html (follow-up)

This particular file (thread-cancel.c) hasn't changed much, like much other Hurd code in glibc. The last change was in 2001 for "Update to LGPL v2.1.": http://sources.redhat.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/libc/hurd/thread-cancel.c?cvsroot=glibc


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