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Bug#320240: ucontext.h bug also breaks libgc build

Ian Wienand wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 09:58:32PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
>>If glibc in unstable doesn't require significant fixes to build with gcc-4.0,
>>it really would be a good idea to backport the fix for this bug and the
>>rpc/xdr.h one.
> I started to try this but gave up quite quickly; the problem seems to
> be more related to new versions of binutils than the newer gcc.  I
> forward ported about 5 changes before I gave up.
> The ucontext change is quite trivial ... see attached.  I just applied
> it straight to my sys/ucontext.h and I'm up and running :) If I built
> libc in a stable chroot (i.e. the older toolchain) with this patch
> would that help anyone?
I wonder if it would be acceptable to upload packages built against a
patched sys/ucontext.h.

>>If it does require significant fixes, perhaps you could suggest to the 
>>release team that ia64 be dropped from consideration for packages migrating
>>to "testing".  That's the only other way I can see to avoid tying most
>>of the C++ transition to the glibc transition (which is clearly a bad idea).
> It seems that the modern toolchain has left the old glibc versions too
> far behind to bother with updating.  Maybe having the glibc
> transistion go hand in hand with the C++ transision is just something
> we'll have to put up with.
Yeah, I guess so.  :-/

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