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Bug#321246: bayonne FTBFS : extra __user in /usr/include/linux/ixjuser.h

Package: linux-kernel-headers
Version: 2.6.13+0rc3-1


bayonne FTBFS on various arch, giving the following error :

/usr/include/linux/ixjuser.h:351: error: expected ';' before '*' token

It complains because of yet another extra __user present :
typedef struct {
	int elements_used;
	IXJ_CADENCE_TERM termination;

Removing the '__user' or adding an extra #include <linux/compiler.h> fixed
the problem on my sparc. I leave it to you to decide which solution is the
best, as I don't know the full consequences of each.

BTW, if someone can explain why it failed on mips, mipsel, arm, and sparc,
but succeded on i386 and powerpc, I am interested :)

FTBFS on other arch (alpha, hppa, ia64, s390) are due to other issues.

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