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Bug#320515: bug confusion?

El Miércoles, 3 de Agosto de 2005 23:19, GOTO Masanori escribió:
> Yes, I was confused.  I understood the explanation from vorlon that
> (1) the previous version was compiled with old lkh - so the bug
> #318979 was happenned, (2) but unfortunatelly new lkh has another
> problem with xorg-x11, so it'll be got FTBFS again.
> Looking through this bug, the problem was introduced for compat_ioctl
> - the header used long type accidentally.  I'll check it more.

	Hello, Masanori.

	In fact, I guess that it will have a problem with every piece that uses 
joystick.h and do not define _KERNEL_.

	Best regards,

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Debian Developer

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