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Re: glibc - capaibility control mechanism

On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 03:44:22PM +0900, GOTO Masanori wrote:
> However it just changes HWCAP value - so we need to make ld.so to
> search library path using some library search path modifying
> environment variable (ex: LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

No, this will be fucking slow, thats why my proposal only uses them with
entries in the cache file.

> I think the simple shell script wrapper controlling HWCAP_MASK can
> achieve the original request by Bastian.

No, it does not. You have to replace any binary with this wrapper, even

>           If an application (ex: UML and Xen) is sensitive to the
> glibc's tls and so on, it should be wrapped by a script,

Nothing can be done by a script, both UML and Xen are linux kernels and
the behaviour within have to be changed.

> BTW, I think various hwcap like "sse" should not be encouraged to use
> by users and developers.

As I read this, the hwcap machanism is to do this.

>                           Sometimes speed-crazy developers want to
> play with optimized libraries only changing gcc optimized options.

SSE gains between 50 and 70% in this case, don't call that speed-crazy.

> So we should be care to enable SSE everytime as well.

You have to ask the kernel/cpu for available SSE support.


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