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Bug#301641: Linux kernel include files still inconsistent on sarge

GOTO Masanori <gotom@debian.or.jp> wrote:

> > I know that the Linux kernel developers are unwilling to fix their bugs but
> > if Debian does not push them to fix their junk, they will never start to 
> > make Linux usable..... the Linux kernel developers will just continue rejecting
> > to learn programming :-(
> Why did linux kernel developers reject your proposal?

Good question.... I don't know.

Maybe it helps if I tell you what happened. They told me that they don't loke
to discuss this as they have already discussed it and did find that they are 

I then told them that if they have discussed it in the past, they should have a
pointer to the old discussion so I could read why.... at this point the 
discussion ended because I did not get any reply :-(


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