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Bug#111767: syslog.h bug persists

GOTO Masanori writes:
> Neil Spring wrote:

>> 2.2.5-14.3 still has the sys/syslog.h SYSLOG_NAMES bug.
>> it'd be great if someone can apply:
>> -   char    *c_name;
>> +   const char  *c_name;
>> or report it upstream.  
>> I realize there are bigger problems to deal with; thanks for
>> your hard work.
> This report and proposed patch was rejected by upstream.  Upstream
> explained that if we fix with this kind of patch for removing
> -Wwrite-strings warnings, some user programs (which don't use const
> char) start compilation warnings.

It is never safe to write to a string literal so there is no advantage
to them in treating them as non-const.  I think those programs should
be fixed instead of imposing this bug on correct programs.

> SYSLOG_NAMES is used for obsolete purpose,

Please can you say what we should use instead?

> and it's not well used these days, so their argument seems one of
> accountable opinion for me.  Well, I think there're various
> opinions, so you could discuss with it to upstream.
> I close this bug.


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