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Re: How do *I* create a libc6-i686 package?

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 03:18:42PM -0800, Kevin A. Burton wrote:
> How do I grab the sources to build my own packages?  Could someone at 
> LEAST give me a link for building my own packages?

If you absolutely have to follow recent versions of libc, you're best
learning about chroot environments and how to build libc from CVS
sources.  This isn't an easy task, and you aren't going to get much

If you just want to try jamming 2.3.4 into the existing Debian build
framework so you have .debs, it can at least minimally work, see


Note don't bother asking anyone (but me) for help with this as it's
totally and utterly unsupported in every way (email me off list and I
can provide a link for some 386 debs I have hacked together this way
that work at least enough for me).


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