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Sarge, kernel, threads and limits


I've googled for a few days about it and I still have to say, that I'm a
little bit confused. Do you know any HOWTO or other document, which
could help me to understand what's going on in this area? Particulary,
I'd like to know:

* how to determine if my system/application is running linux or POSIX

* how to determine limits of threads per system, threads per process and
  threads per user (hard compiled or set by PAM etc.)

* how is related amount of available stack to number of threads, which
  process can create

* I'd like also really understand what 'ps' displays. Don't say 'read
  manual', because manual assumes that you really know what's going on
  in kernel and tells you only how to display it.

I suppose, that something in Sarge makes it not suitable for machines
with high loaded multithreaded processes (for example Apache 1.3 or
Tomcat). I'll probably will ask you additional questions, but first I'd
try to understend it well.

Best regards,


"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they
fight you. Then you win." - Mohandas Gandhi.

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