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Bug#290772: Processed: fet FTBFS

At the end of the build log i see fet is being built.

Where can I see that build log?


Looks the same as the sparc ldd bug, but that could be just a coincidence.

I don't think so.  sparc ldd problem is reproducible with small sample
program, but this fet problem cannot be seen on my environment.
Sending this bug without any investigate is not appropriate action.

Please note i sent an email to debian-arm almost a week ago with no response. Also not so important, i asked on #debian-devel for some help, the only response i got being that the error could be triggered by anything, even the binary not being built. At the end of the buildd log i can see the binary is indeed built. Unfortunately i could not test the build, my first intention was to downgrade the bug, but i decided not to since it was keeping fet out of testing.

I also contacted Marco d'Itri about the qt errors, he responded saying they would not trigger a ldd failure.

I downgrade this bug to normal because I cannot reproduce this
problem.  However, it's sure that there's no 3.9.20-1 for arm.  If we
need to dupload for arm, please let me know.  I rebuild again and
upload it.

Please upload it, when a new version will come out, we'll see if this happens again.


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