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Re: valgrind: doesn't start (cannot allocate memory)

> Furthermore, I cannot reproduce this bug by using a current version of
> prelink from unstable -- I can neither recreate the error message you got
> while running valgrind, nor recreate the error message you got when trying
> to un-prelink /usr/lib/valgrind/stage2.  I suspect that your broken stage2
> binary was created by an older version of prelink, but I'm reassigning this
> bug to prelink (and downgrading it) so that someone more familiar with
> prelink than I am can try to confirm this.

Actually, valgrind versions prior to 2.2.0-1 had a bug when they
were prelinked so this can be the problem. You can try to purge
valgrind and reinstall it again from unstable, ensuring that 
/usr/lib/valgrind is completely removed after purging.

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