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Re: Test conversion to SVN

Le vendredi 03 décembre 2004 à 09:17 +0900, GOTO Masanori a écrit :
> Jeff, I didn't still see any messages of my svn commit.  I guess my
> svn commit cannot be sent because of permission denied or so.  This is
> the reason I still use cvs.  Could you look at it, again?

It seems to be working now from the commits I've seen you do.  Are you
happy enough with it for me to request that CVS be deleted?

We had talked about getting the CIA bot added to the channel.  I notice
that the rulesets are now flexible enough that we can ask the bot in our
channel to tell us about other projects, and we can add upstream glibc
to it.  Are there other toolchain bits that we should add?  binutils,
gdb, and gcc seem to be available too.

If we're doing all this, should we rename the channel to
#debian-toolchain to admit what really happens there? =)  If yes, I'll
set it up.

Jeff Bailey

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