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cvs commit to glibc-package/debian/patches by gotom

Repository: glibc-package/debian/patches
who:        gotom
time:       Wed Nov 24 21:51:13 MST 2004
Log Message:
      - debian/patches/glibc232-catchsegv-insecure-temp.dpatch: Add fix
        CAN-2004-0968: catchsegv creates insecure temporary file.
        (Closes: #278278)
      - debian/debhelper.in/libc.install: Remove glibcbug to fix CAN-2004-0968,
        and it's meaningless to include nowadays.  (Closes: #205600)
      - debian/debhelper.in/libc.manpages: Remove glibcbug.1 from manpage.
      - debian/patches/glibcbug.dpatch: Add comment to be removed.

changed:    00list glibcbug.dpatch

added:      glibc232-catchsegv-insecure-temp.dpatch

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