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Bug#279423: libc6-dev: totally incoherent pthread related includes files for dynamic linking

GOTO Masanori wrote:
severity 279423 wishlist
retitle 279423 libc6-dev: libc6-dev should ship /usr/include/nptl
merge 279423 276062

At Wed, 03 Nov 2004 23:03:53 +0100,
Eric Valette wrote:

Eric Valette wrote:

In fact most distributions do exactly the same as
Debian with their default headers and dynamic libraries.

So because other distrib mades bad choices, Debian must follow. Good point. I will check and report if this is even true latter on.

That is not even true :
1) <http://www.suse.com/en/private/products/suse_linux/prof/packages_professional/glibc-devel.html>

Suze provides both threading in in glibc-devel with I think is coherent.

	2) Fedora does the same �%� than debian

	3) Mandrake provide a nptl-devel.

OK, we will ship /usr/include/nptl in future, like
/usr/lib/libpthread.a issue (#276062).  I tagged this bug as wishlist,
and changed title, and merged with #276062.  If you have another
comments, please let us know.

-- gotom

I beg to disagree : it is a clear bug to compile with linuxthread includes when running NPTL threads. Not a whislist.

Doing this you are behaving like a child saying everything I do is perfect. Come on, grow up... And by the way, the debian patched glibc does not seem to work with ntpl static...

A whishlist would be please upgrade to glibc 2.3.3 because your libc is so old...

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