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Re: Brazilian DST


At Wed, 6 Oct 2004 23:20:20 -0300,
Marlon Dutra wrote:
> This is Marlon, from Porto Alegre, Brazil (Debconf...).
> The Brazilian Federal Government, that rules the daylight saving time in
> Brazil has published the decree about this year's DST. It'll be from
> November 2nd through February 20th, 2005.
> I've fixed the file 'southamerica' in the source package 'libc6' myself,
> and I'm spreading over the servers I administrate and forwarding through
> some mailing lists.
> The main problem I see is that in the last year, the DST started on the
> second Sunday in October (Sun >= 8), and by the file 'southamerica',
> almost every machine running Debian today will become DST on next
> Sunday, that's the second Sunday in this month.
> That might be a big hassle with unaware people.
> I don't know whether that could be considered as a reason to release an
> update of the package libc6. Maybe it's reasonable doing that even in
> Woody, in security.debian.org, once that that could a problem that would
> affect many machines. The Brazilian Government, for example, has
> thousands of Woodies running today.
> Anyway, the changed file 'southamerica' is available in my website.
> Maybe you guys could forward it to the upstream maintainer, in order to
> get it done in a next release of Glibc.
> http://hackers.propus.com.br/~marlon/dst/

Nice catch up.  Your report is now reflected into tzdata2004e, and I
update it to that version with your proposal for sarge in
2.3.2.ds1-18.  It should be appeared in testing before 2 Nov.
Thanks for your report.

-- gotom

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