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Bug#275240: libc6: mplayerplug-in crashes

tags 275240 fixed-upstream

At Wed, 06 Oct 2004 17:08:34 -0400,
John McCutchan wrote:
> mplayerplug-in crashes when the plugin gets closed by mozilla.
> I have been talking with the developer for over a month, and we 
> have both agreed that this seems like a bug in libc. He is
> using 2.3.3 and can't reproduce, it happens for me with latest
> debian unstable libc6. This is really annoying!

If it's fixed in the latest glibc cvs, we plan to update it after
releasing sarge.  Please wait one more time.  I didn't know what the
problem is, but I've tagged "fixed-upstream" because I assume your
report is correct; it's already fixed in the current upstream.

-- gotom

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