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Bug#274770: file conflicts in libftw0-dev libc6-dev

reassign 274770 libftw0-dev

At Mon, 04 Oct 2004 04:15:16 +0200,
Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> Package: libftw0-dev,libc6-dev
> Subject: libftw0-dev,libc6-dev: conflicting files
> Severity: serious
> At least the following files are included in at least two
> packages (there may be others, only the first one found is reported):
> usr/include/ftw.h
> You may want to add conflicts to one or more of the packages or
> take other actions to allow the parallel installation of the packages.
> Please clone and reassign this report as needed to properly track the issue

This package has not been updated for one and half of year, and the
current version is 2nd uploaded version.  libc6-dev should have ftw.h
in 19 Feb 2003, the first upload time.  jftw is written in C - so
conflicting libftw0-dev vs libc6-dev is meaningless.  I believe this
is completely libftw0-dev fault.  I reassign it to libftw0-dev.  Joel,
please fix it.

-- gotom

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