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Bug#243183: "Standard" can use the plural form

Discovering this bug in the BTS, I use this occasion for adding my
contribution to the debate.

This seems to highly depend on the used reference.

Some French dictionaries (mentioned by Denis) claim "standard is
invariant". Some other (Petit Larousse illustré) disagree with:

1. *Standard* adj. (mot angl.) [...] REM. Certains auteurs font
invariables cet adj., sur le modèle de l'anglais, mais son emploi
courant en français le fait varier en nombre.

(some authors claim this adjective is invariant as in English but the
use in French is by making it variant in number, i.e. singular/plural)

Unfortunately, the "Dictionnaire the l'Académie Française" currently
only reached the "Négaton" word.:-). http://atilf.atilf.fr/academie9.htm

As Sam mentions, "standard" in that context does not vary in gender
(this is why we do no have "l'entrée standarde").

As a conclusion, both way to write this are OK, indeed. However, the
really best solution is by *dropping* standard here and use the better
"normalisé" adjective.

If "standard(s)" is kept, my personal first opinion is supporting the
bug reporter claim....but deeper thinking shows the the translator was
not grammatically wrong. We have however a consistency problem as
raised by Sam.


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