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[PATCH] Crypto blowfish addition to glibc - possible?

Hello everybody,

  I have just finished compiling glibc 2.3.2.ds1-13 patched to contain the
crypt-blowfish support from the OWL project (http://openwall.com/crypt/). I
applied, compiled and is running without any even the slightest problem. My
goal is to modify the Debian shadow tools with the support for TCB
(http://openwall.com/tcb/) as well as package their TCB PAM modules, TCB NSS
library and all the utilites there are for TCB integration. All of the above
require crypto-blowfish to be included in the libc. Attached you can find
the dpatch which adds the support to the Debian libc (should be added as the
last entry to debian/patches/00list) and the upstream crypt(3) manpage (for
your reference). My question is whether there is any chance of including
that support in the Debian package? IMHO, it would greately add to the
Debian security and, since it doesn't change the glibc ABI nor introduce any
incompatibilities, it would seamlessly integrate with Debian. The
integration of shadow/other utilities with the TCB framework requires little
work (a small patch to the shadow utilities) plus appropriate config files
for the PAM-enabled programs.

thanks a lot,


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