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Bug#203543: illegal instruction triggered by grep inside ld-linux.so.2

> Package: libc
> Version: 2.3.1-16
> Seen on sparc64 SMP only.  sparc64 UP does not exhibit.
> grep triggers a bug in ld-linux.so that seems to be caused by a compiler 
> error.  This inhibits proper booting, and this was a new install 
> (bootstrapped 3.0 then dist-upgrade from Sarge CDs) on a box without 
> network connectivity, but here are the salient facts:
> In the function _dl_debug_state_internal, at offset 7000cfbc (this is 
> the relocated offset), SIGILL is generated on a "nop" instruction that 
> follows a "restore".  I'm not an expert on SPARC assembly so I don't 
> know why it is only triggered when running under SMP, but it doesn't 
> happen otherwise.  Repeatable with Debian-packaged 
> kernel-image-2.4.19-sparc64-smp and -2.4.21-.  Does not occur with the 
> corresponding UP kernels.
> I did not do anything like an exhaustive test but the only program I 
> noticed that was so affected was grep.
> Upgrading libc6, libc6-sparc64, et al. to 2.3.1 fixed the problem.

You reported libc 2.3.1-16 was the bug affected version, but you also
said 2.3.1 fixed this bug.  Which version did you have problem?

Nowadays we have the newer version 2.3.2.ds1-13.  Please check this
problem with the latest glibc.  We don't see this kind of bugs, so I
guess this bug is fixed in the latest version.  Could I close this
bug?  If you still have problem, please report us.  We need to check
it because it's cautionary bug.

-- gotom

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