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Bug#235759: German Quotes -- resolution in sight?

Am Sa, den 03.07.2004 schrieb GOTO Masanori um 21:04:
> > There is a non-automatic solution for this which I have just committed
> > to the APT CVS. It is simply as follows:
> > 1. Add de.UTF-8 to LINGUAS.
> > 2. maintain both de.po and de.UTF-8.po. They differ only in the quotes.
> You may know that this is not related problem with this bug.  Glibc
> uses U201E and U201C, and transliteration rule automatically fall back
> to ,, and ".

You err. It is directly related. Current glibc's transliteration is
unacceptable as it is ugly. (BTW, it's also one character longer, which
will break some carefully laid out screens.) I proposed a method to
circumvent glibc's transliteration by not letting any transliteration
happen. How is that “not related”?

|=| Michael Piefel
|=| Member of the Debian project

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