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Re: Q: kernel >= 2.6.4 & NGROUPS > 65K support


> Mmmm..  It's probably safest for us to not do this until Sarge+1.  Won't
> having NGROUPS set too high for older kernels cause us grief?
I just asked because compiling glibc takes quite a long time and I have to 
watch out not to mix versions up...

I use glibc compiled with kernel headers from 2.6.5/2.6.6 on machines with 
either 2.6.2-6 or 2.4.24-26 for nearly a year now without problems; I had to 
compile all kernels I used before 2.6.4 with NGROUPS_MAX 512 (because that 
was the possible maximum for 2.4/2.6).
What kind of trouble could a higher value in glibc cause? For me everything 
works fine; even 2.4 compiled with NGROUPS_MAX of 512 with a glibc compiled 
with kernel headers of 2.6.6 (which uses NGROUPS_MAX of 65K)... 

But I can't give any warranty that it will work anywhere... and I still can 
never be sure that there aren't any strange things happening that I didn't 
notice up to now! :-( 
Maybe you are right: wait for sarge+1...

Thanks for your answer!
	Adi Kriegisch

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