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Bug#246398: locales: LC_CTYPE defaults to non-installed en_US.UTF8

reassign 246398 debian-installer

At Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:00:12 -0700,
Blars Blarson wrote:
> On a freshly installed sarge system (used april 27 i386 buisnesscard)
> I get errors from perl and other programs due to the setting of
> LC_CTYPE to the non-installed locale en_US.UTF8.  Either this locale
> needs to be installed by default as well or the default setting of
> LC_CTYPE needs to change.
> Please feel free to reassign to the package you feel should initialize
> things differently.

Did you select your language and country "en_US" through debian
installer?  If not, it's your problem.  But I didn't test d-i b4 with
en_US.UTF-8 yet, so I didn't deny that it's d-i bug.  I reassign it to

-- gotom

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