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Bug#239689: if I use it_IT.UTF8 locales the ����� key stop to work

At Wed, 24 Mar 2004 01:04:22 +0100,
Matteo D'Alfonso wrote:
> Sorry for the english,
> I have an ibook G4 with a qwerty italian keyboard. If use it_IT.UTF-8
> for the environment locale the key ����� stop to work, even if I
> reconfigure console-data.

I can't read "the key ?????".

Is this problem about console key issue?  "Locale" defines the
localization framework.  Locales has no responsibility of the behavior
of keyboard, so it's not locales bug, but the console related program.

You have to check your key works under the previous locale setting.
What locale did you use?

-- gotom

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