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Re: Re: remove my address from your mail lists

This is Patrick Chauvel, I spoke with you a few years ago about making a film on the pernkoff book. I am a french film producer. I am sorry, I did not contact you since. I had so many assignements around the world because of the events in Tchetchenia, Israel and Irak that put me on the road, making films on all these events, but today this story seems very actual. Could you please contact me if you are the professor Howard Isarel I think I am talking to. Please contact me even if I have the wrong person.
Thank you.
For your help
Patrick Chauvel

Mobile : + 33 6 80 95 99 69
Home : + 33 1 42 77 96 06

Or Juliette legros
Mobile + 33 6 71 63 63 02
Office : + 33 1 56 64 27 34

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