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Bug#51242: libc6: WISH: mount devpts after mountall in /etc/rcS.d

At Fri, 16 Jan 2004 23:16:45 +0000,
Darren Salt wrote:
> I second this (rather old) wish.
> I've been bitten by it today when installing udev on my laptop and
> bind-mounting /udev (which is itself a tmpfs mount) over /dev. To get around
> it, I renamed /etc/rcS.d/S35devpts.sh to .../S38devpts.sh (and did a few
> other things which aren't relevant here).
> (libc 2.3.2ds1-10, FWIW.)

Could you check 2.3.2ds1-11?  Now devpts.sh is renamed to mountkernfs,
so I think you have no need to rename it.

-- gotom

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