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Re: Looking at upstream CVS

At Sat, 27 Dec 2003 14:13:45 -0500,
Jeff Bailey wrote:
> We were holding off a new cvs update until the Sarge release.  That
> doesn't appear to be soon, since there are still buildds that are
> offline.  Also, given drepper's reluctance to ever release a new
> version, and prediction of no major changes in the near future[0], it
> seems that doing a cvs update might not only be worth doing, but also be
> relatively safe.

I also think we should keep holding off, unless sarge will not be
released over 3 or 4 months.

> Also, we have 88 dpatch files right now.  It's a bit daunting.
> Assuming consensus, I would prepare this as 2.3.3-1 [1] for experimental
> for ia64, sparc and alpha, and do it for i386 as soon as it can be built
> again.  We now have excessively good bandwidth at work, so if there's
> tests people want run like "Build the archive", I can do those now.

IMHO, making such newer version sounds good for me, but I concern we
need to maintain two trees...

-- gotom

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