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Re: [uml-devel] 2.4.22-[67] problems

mdz@debian.org said:
> I have just verified this myself.  Building user-mode-linux
> 2.4.22-7um-1 on woody works fine (even when running on unstable), but
> building it on unstable does not.

Conversely, does a unstable-built UML run on woody?

> The one built on unstable randomly sees ENOSYS from certain system
> calls, such as select, read and mmap.

Only those, or are there others that you can tell are failing?  Offhand, I
don't see any commonality between those three, in terms of their interactions
with the host.

> I would appreciate any suggestions for how to track this problem down
> further.

The randomness is strange.  It suggests that somehow interrupts are getting
in the way.  One possibility would be host system calls returning ENOSYS
instead of EINTR.  I don't see much possibility that that's what's actually
happening, but that's the sort of thing I'd think about.


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