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Re: Possible serious bug in glibc, assistance needed

Sorry, didn't cc correctly, sending again.

W liście z nie, 14-12-2003, godz. 20:21, Daniel Jacobowitz pisze: 
> > So to sum up, it looks like libc bug because:
> So take a simple testcase that shows the problem, attack it with
> and gdb, and figure out what's going on.

It's hard because it shows mostly in complex control flow scenarios,
like python interpreter running bittorrent or Galeon. I wasn't able to
come up with simple thing showing this behavior. If you have any
suggestions how to increase stress put on system w/o increasing code's
complexity too much, I'd be grateful. Also, any other suggestions how to
isolate the problem will be appreciated.

> I don't think this could be a libc bug.  The memory allocation code is
> some of the best, most-frequently tested code in the library and no
> else has seen anything similar.

I know of at least one other person experiencing virtually identical
problems on totally independent setup, he's being cc'ed. If you're
absolutely positive there is no way for this to be libc issue, I'd like
to hear your bets on what else could have similar impact on system and
show on wide range of apps.

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