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Bug#204789: [Gcl-devel] Re: ia64 function descriptors and unexec

Greetings, and thank you again for your vital feedback.  The solution
I've just implemented would have been impossible without it.  

I'm pleased to announce a just-committed resolution to this issue,
bringing stability to gcl/maxima/acl2/axiom on ia64 and any future
platform like it which may use dynamic function descriptors.  (I've
heard hpux and ppc64 are in the same category already).

There is now a #define switch STATIC_FUNCTION_POINTERS which will
ensure that all C defined functions installed into lisp as pointers
are static.  We were *very* fortunate that compiled lisp code did not
have to be changed at all -- only the files in the o/ subdirectory, by
in large.

I'm uploading new .debs for 2.6.1 and cvs which will close the two
bug reports pertinent to this issue.

Take care,

Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de> writes:

> Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> writes:
> > When I first read this, I was more confused by the meaning of the term
> > 'local' and what I've been seeing.
> Which is understandable, because I was confused, too.  What you are
> saying is correct.
> Andreas.
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