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Bug#219356: libc6: i586 optimized libs

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 23:35, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 11:29:04PM +0100, Emmanuel Fuste wrote:
> > Package: libc6
> > Version: 2.3.2.ds1-9
> > Severity: wishlist
> > Tags: experimental sid
> > 
> > Pleeeeeeaaaaassssse, include an optimized i586 lib package like for i686
> > in next release. My good hold dual pentium 233mmx computer will be very
> > very thankful to you.
> Do you have evidence that it really makes a difference?  I'd be quite
> surprised.  For now you can get a 486-optimized library by using a 2.6
> kernel and NPTL, and that should be pretty good.
A difference yes, with the previous attempt of a -i586 and -i686
optimized packages (one or two years ago I don't remember) the
difference was visually perceptible under XFree and gnome (and speed of
dpkg too).
A huge difference ? I don't know, I never made precise timing tests, but
I could for you if you release a experimental or testing package and
tell me which kind of timing test you are interested in.
But, on such an old computer with such modern beasts (gnome etc....),
good alignement and every saved cpu cycles are a big win. (and a i586
package if similar in size to the actual -i686 is only about 1Mo).
On SMP 586 systems, it is more a important too, better cache friendly
code is a must: the L2 cache is shared across the two CPU... 

Your are more competent than me to see if -i586 builds technically worth
it. I just create this report because I was thinking that there is none
because there is no interest in it because of the obsolescence and the
scareity of this kind of computer like for the -i586smp debian kernel


Emmanuel Fusté <e.fuste@wanadoo.fr>

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