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Bug#218516: linux-kernel-headers: Check for symbolic link before installing

Eric Valette wrote:

Because Sarge supports NPTL when using 2.6 kernels, and that requires
2.6 headers to be useful.  A number of other applications can take
advantage of 2.6 features there now.

NPTL is fine mostly for servers. But I guess a number of user mode driver for average people will also probably break right now because of API inconsistencies between 2.4 and 2.6 (raw 1394 or USB are expected). I start wondering if a 2.4 GLIBC and a 2.6 GLIBC should be envisaged?

Ooops. See thread about NPTL performances problem compared to linuxthread due to bad locking locking strategy.


NB: apparently CVS NPTL is fixed but waht about debian libc :-)

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